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Suzanne Bovenizer cmt, cst


Waterstone Well-being

Welcome to Sue Bovenizer’s world of Aromatherapy!

Since July 1997, I have been writing a monthly aromatherapy article for the ECHO, a new age newspaper in Central Virginia, edited by Jim Ward. A lot of this website is the culmination of all these articles, which I wanted to share with everyone out there in cyberland. And some is new stuff that I have written since this site’s creation.

I have been an aromatherapist and massage therapist since 1988, and have read so many different and brilliant books on aromatherapy in these past 20 years. For some of my Echo articles articles, I have borrowed heavily from all my readings, and I thank all those who have put their knowledge out there and honor that a lot of my articles are possible because of other’s research and hard work. It is only natural that information gets repeated and paraphrased, since there are only so many ways to impart the essential oil’s characteristics. A lot of what you read here, you will have seen before, although some of my channeled information has never been seen before – so I’ll await to see what is stolen from me!

In the Light Blue Box to the left, you will find many of the Echo articles.
Under the heading Essential Oil Profiles, you’ll find all the individual essential oils and their therapeutic gifts.
Under History and stuff, there are some fun and easy reference articles along with a brief history of aromatherapy.
Astrology is linked with essential oils in that category.
The chakra system is explained with oil references in its section.
Chinese Five Element theory is a vast subject and I only briefly glimpsed into its intricacies and how they relate to the essential oils.
Magical Applications is a fun romp into using the essential oils in a more ritualistic manner.
And Therapeutic Articles has general information suggesting oils particularly for woman, for children, for the elderly, for the workplace, etc.

The Green Box contains my “musings”, thoughts that I enjoy exploring in writing.

The Yellow Box contains my audio meditations and guided visualizations, that you can download and listen to, which may assist you in deepening your meditation practice.

The Orange Box has my self-help articles, starring my beautiful daughter Christine as Vanna White.

And the Red Box is all about me!

So, browse and enjoy the wonderful gifts that essential oils bring us!