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Suzanne Bovenizer cmt, cst

Magical Aromatherapy Page 1

Throughout history people have been using magic; whether by casting spells, murmuring incantations, setting intentions, creating invocations, using charms, swearing curses, pointing hexes or weaving enchantments. Whenever someone wanted to create an energy and/or change a situation, some kind of magic would be done. Even prayer might be regarded a form of magic, although some religions wouldn’t consider their rituals or ceremonies magic, having deemed it hieratical in the past. But I personally believe when prayers are answered, that’s pretty magical! Anyway, we know that essential oils have therapeutic effects on the physical and emotional bodies as well as balancing the energetic bodies. But when used with intention or incantation, the oils can be vibrationally raised to support the higher frequencies of magic…

So let’s explore aromatherapy’s more magical qualities and see how we can use them to manifest our desires. Remember, the more ceremony, prayer or ritual you can do when adding the essential oils, the more powerful the magic. Keep a clear mind and a focused intent, holding the power of love in all these magical spells. Never do any of these rituals with anger or pain, as the energy can and will return to you multiplied. All you send out comes back to you so always offer ritual with love and compassion.

Angelica- used for spiritual protection. Put a few drops off angelica in a spray bottle, infuse the liquid with intention or prayer and spritz the walls of your sacred room to ward off evil spirits or put some drops in a watering can and water the perimeter of your property. Added to bath water you can remove curses or spells that have been leveled against you.

Lemon Balm- calls in success in love. Add a drop of melissa to any drink you will be sharing with someone you desire (keeping in mind it will flavor the drink with a lemony taste), or place a drop on your finger and rub the outside of the glass while intoning your intent for love.

Basil- helps solve lover’s quarrels. This essential oil soothes tempers and brings sympathy between two people. Burn the essential oil in an aroma lamp when trying to solve the problem and find peace. To ensure that a lover will remain true, rub a little basil in a carrier oil over the heart of a loved one (when they are asleep), holding the intention of fidelity and bless your relationship with thoughts of gratitude.

Benzoin- cleanses & purifies. Burn benzoin to cleanse and clear an environment. It can be added to incense to help with prosperity. When beginning a business or opening a shop, burn benzoin holding the intention that new customers to find your services.

Bergamot- brings money. Rub your wallet or purse with bergamot essential oil envisioning it full of cash. Also put a drop on your money to multiply wealth and ensure that money comes back to you when you spend it. Keep a $20 or $50 note spritzed with basil in your wallet and every time you see it, reinforce how rich you are.

Birch- for protection and exorcism. In olden days possessed people were beaten with birch sticks to rid the body of evil spirits. Now, when feeling negative forces clinging onto the aura, bathe in or spray birch essential oil on you, sending up the intention that all evil and unwanted spirits depart. Then see a sphere or shell around you and imagine it filled with the scent of birch to maintain protection.

Camphor- health and chastity. Have camphor burning in an aroma lamp to protect from viruses and bacteria. Also to dampen sexual desire, have camphor burning in the bedroom.

Cardamom- for lust and love. Place a drop of cardamom oil in warmed wine for a quick lust potion. It can also be baked in apple pie for an amorous end to dessert. Always cook with love in your heart and visualize the desired end as it bakes. Cardamom, spritzed in the bedroom before love-making will bring more passion.

Chamomile- attracts money, good for sleep. Spray or rub the palms of your hands with chamomile while visualizing handfuls of cash, to attract money (especially if gambling). Chamomile is a wonderful sleep potion, so used in the sleep pillow, added to a nighttime drink or bathed in will assist slumber and good dreams. Set the intention for deep sleep and happy dreams as you lie in bed and sniff chamomile.

Cinnamon- for psychic and intuitive enhancement. Burning cinnamon during rituals can increase psychic awareness and improve intuition. Also used for raising energetic vibrations and deepening meditation. Cinnamon has been known to spiritually protect against negativity and purify environments of evil entities, so set your clear intent to ward off nasties when using cinnamon,

Cypress- assists the death process, longevity. Cypress, when added to cream and rubbed on skin, can support those going through the transition of death. On the one dying, it can balance and protect the spirit through to the afterlife, and for those left behind, it can ease the pain of grief and loss. Cypress can be used in healing to cleanse an afflicted area and bring better health and longevity to the body. See yourself strong and young and eternal when using cypress.

Dill – used for protection, attracts money, lust. Spritzed with an atomizer, or the essential oil dripped across a threshold, dill can protect from evil or unwanted spirits. They will not congregate around its vibration. Dill can be used in money spells by rubbing a bill with its essential oil and carrying it near your sacral chakra. Bathing in dill essential oil mixed with bath salts will attract a lover when the intention is offered up.

Eucalyptus – aids in healing and protecting. Eucalyptus has been used medicinally for centuries to alleviate colds and flu and to sterilize environments. It can also cleanse and heal vibrational or psychic environments by impregnating a candle with the essence and burning it, or putting it in a vaporizer and steaming it in a room. Spritzed on a bed at night ensures 4th dimensional riff-raff will leave you alone when the intention is set.

Fennel – cleansing energies, releasing fears. As a diuretic, fennel cleanses and supports the kidneys, and because the kidneys energetically hold fear, fennel can therefore help alleviate the energy of fear. Placed in a carrier oil and massaged over the kidneys while visualizing courage, strength and valor, the essential oil will cleanse and clear fear from a cellular level and will heighten the frequency of the aura.

Frankincense – purification and protection. I have always characterized the energy of frankincense as one that leads you to the edge of a cliff, and while you’re there teetering, Frankie pushes you off into a freefall. Just when you think you’re doomed, Frankie then catches you and floats you to the bottom, safe and sound, The essence of this oil challenges you to dare and go outside your comfort zone. But also protects you once you are there. You can invoke powerful consequences, all the while being supported and looked after by the higher beings. Use frankincense in any ritualistic way, either by burning it in an aroma lamp or on a candle. Bathe in it, spritz it. No matter what form you choose to use it in, Frankie will bring results – so watch your thought patterns and be very specific with your intentions and incantations.

Galangal – attracts money, love and intuition. An eclectic oil with a variety of uses. Used around the lower chakras, it can pull money to you and increase your financial foundation. It also pulls a more lusty kind of love, increasing libido. Galangal can amplify magical spells and increase psychic abilities, especially if rubbed on the third eye.

Galbanum – connection to Goddess, mystical awareness. The Goddess loves galbanum and can be invoked with the help of this oil. She will support ceremony, meditation, ritual, anything where love, compassion, nurturing and protection is needed. A few drops in a scrying bowl will raise the vibration of the insight and aid in bringing more clarity.

Garlic – protection, healing. The powers of garlic are well know to keep away evil spirits and to cleanse the environment of low astral energies. Garlic essential oil has a very strong odor so should be used sparingly if spritzing it or rubbing it on thresholds. It might keep more than spirits at bay!

Geranium – protection and healing. The geranium has a very difference vibration than that of garlic. It is much more attuned to protecting through guidance rather than shunning away. Geranium essential oil can heighten the intuitive centers to alert you to disharmony in approaching frequencies and assist you in steering clear of disaster. Working with the essential oil in ritual is a soft and gentle energy and must be respected and honored if the spell is to work.

Ginger – firing up energy, attracting money and love. The heat of the ginger essential oil will spice up all magical incantations, especially love spells. Placing only one drop of ginger on the tongue before speaking an incantation will ensure the message gets to the gods in a speedy and clear manner. Rubbed on money, it will help you not burn through money as the fire frequency will already be established.

Hyssop – purification, protection. Hyssop is an age old herb used in rituals and ceremonies for purification, warding off evil spirits and dispelling negativity. Spritz the essential oil around the ritual space before ceremony or burn the oil during incantations and magic to keep negativity at bay.
Jasmine – strengthens the Goddess energy, brings love and wealth. Used in meditation, jasmine will call in the Goddess more strongly into your life. Her energy will enfold you in love and thus attract a loving partner to you, especially if you rube a few drops of essential oil on your heart. Jasmine brings a sense of abundance and carried in your wallet or pocket, can attract monetary wealth. Spritz jasmine around your bed, while calling in the Goddess, for a night of sensual love-making.

Juniper – strengthens the God energy. Used in love potions and for spiritual protection. Juniper increases potency of the male when used in bedroom ritual. Burn some essential oil in an aroma lamp before bed while honoring the masculine energy (Godhead). Juniper can also be burned to keep away evil and unwanted spirits or to banish (exorcise) earth-bound ghosts. This oil helps release repressed emotions with ritual intention.

Lavender – used for love, long life, happy sleep, purification. Lavender is probably one of the most available herbs for ritual in that it supports all manner of spells and magic. For attracting love, it can be worn around the heart, sprayed on a love note or used to scent clothes. Applying it to the body or clothing will also keep away unwanted negativity as only the Light can shine around lavender. Spritz around the bed, or burn in an aroma lamp at night for a peaceful sleep with happy dreams. If you want an answer to a question, write it down on a paper and drop a few drops of lavender on it, then place it under your pillow. That night you will dream of the solution or what stands in your way of manifestation. Be careful not to overuse it in a love potion at night or your lover will loose lust and fall asleep. In a bath, lavender is wonderful for purification rituals and can strip the energy field of lingering psychic leaches.

Lemon – Cleansing, clearing, purifying. Lemon is a great essential oil to use in any spell or incantation where you want to get rid of something. Put a few drops of lemon essential oil in water and bathe anything that you want cleansed of negativity, especially jewelry, crystals or other magical objects. Bathing in a bath of lemon essential oil will purify the body of unwanted vibrations. Lemon is believed to encourage fidelity, so a few drops in the washing machine will not only cleanse undesirable energy, but will keep your loved one close to home and get rid of the wandering eye.

Lemongrass – good for focus, mental clarity psychic power. Lemongrass clears the mind and encourages focus during meditation. By clearing away the proverbial cobwebs one can bring higher awareness and deeper insight in. Burn it in ritual for heightened psychic acuity.

Lemon Verbena – Encourages psychic ability, helps uplift spirits, purify energy and attract love. Lemon verbena, burned in an aroma lamp, brings focused psychic awareness and concentrated psychic energy. It is good for purifying negative cosmic influences and lifts the energy so heavy psychic attachments disappear. It can alleviate spiritual fatigue and reset you on your spiritual path.

Linden – protection, love, prosperity. It is considered the tree of immortality and can be used in potions and spells for longevity, prosperity and a good quality of life. It is also used in protection spells to keep away anyone who would do you harm and take away your good fortune. Linden is only found as an “absolute” form of essential oil and is very expensive.

Lotus – protection, spiritually uplifting. Lotus is also another “absolute” form of essential oil and has always been highly prized as a symbol of rebirth. The scent brings you to a higher place of spiritual connection and communication with the gods.